14 Oct 2012

" Others expand their phone size , but Samsung , being a pioneer as they are , go one step ahead by shrinking it's S3 into a new model " 

Apple increased iPhone 5 , Nokia comes out with the big screen Lumia 920 and Samsung , they got an idea to make the world abuzz by shrinking its flagship smartphone into Mini S3 . 
Not to be fooled by the the " Mini " name ,  Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini packs a punch for its size. 

Comes with Super AMOLED 4-inch display , S3 mini is not far behind its older brother . On design department , it almost look identical to S3 but with some extra protections - Much thicker casing and a higher version of android - S3 
Mini uses android version 4.1 aka Jelly Bean .

Not much info was leaked yet , but S3 mini is expected to hit us before the end of this year with a price ranging from USD $390-$490 .


11 Oct 2012

Sandisk Offering 128GB Flash Drive

Flashdrive has comes a long way . Remember when there was only 128MB and the price is high ? Not anymore . Now Sandisk has comes up with a 128GB of USB drive .

The Cruzer Glider , comes with all the traditional feature in previous models such as Secure Access Software and will be price at  $169 . 
You can get special discount if you buy from Amazon's website as they are selling it for only $83.59 .
What disappointing though is that the uses of 
USB 2.0 . 
Will be great if this Glider is built with the latest USB 3.0 . 

The biggest feature that differentiate Glider with other flash drive is the durability . According to Sandisk , Cruzer Glider can operates in temperature ranging from 10 -85 celsius ! 
Means that you can transfer your files in most conditions and no matter where you are .  

Beside this , Sandisk also announce a Cruser Facet which is encased in stainless steel and available in multiple colours .
And finally , an USB 3.0 from Sandisk , The Extreme . Not much info on the 
Extreme model yet ,  so do stay tuned as we dig deeper .


7 Oct 2012

Five Great and Popular Free Blogging Platform

A couple years ago , corporations , promotions site and etc . With this bloggers mushrooms and so do blogging platforms . 

If you intend to start blogging now, it is always best to choose the most stable host with plenty of support . 
Lets give this five a formal intro shall we ? 

Own by Google and very easy to set up . 
Almost limitless storage space and support is great with its Google Webmaster site .
You can choose some of the pre-made design with just a click but